On 15th of May 2018, Corporate Image Security Specialists were tasked with the personal protection of our former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. We were incredibly pleased to receive such an honorable task, and glad that our efforts to build our reputation as an elite and professional security firm were noticed and deemed worthy for such an important affair.

We put our best security guards up for the job – a team of three highly-trained and experienced men who knew how to conduct themselves in any situation and could put others’ safety before their own. 

Ci Security - Malcolm Turnbull Personal Protection
Ci Security - Malcolm Turnbull Personal Protection
Our team worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure that Mr. Turnbull’s every need was met and that he always felt safe and protected. While our security guards look and act tough to stave off unwanted attention, they are also trained to appear with elegance, friendliness and business-level professionalism. This means that they blend in perfectly with all kinds of civil events while still exuding auras of respect and control.

While Mr. Turnbull worked exhaustively throughout the night, our guards were assiduously performing constant risk-assessments. To the trained eye, every building and every event is full of potential risks that need to be constantly re-checked and re-evaluated. There is never any room for rest or relaxation during such an incredibly important job.

Fortunately, the night went off without any trouble and the event was considered a great success!

We were truly blessed to be able to use our highly-trained guards and proven security methodology to protect our Prime Minister and thus the security of our country. Mr. Turnbull was an absolutely lovely man to work with. Despite the pressures of his position he was always respectful, kind, funny and full of energy. Our guards said they were moved to see such a fantastic man at work.

We hope that our successes on the 15th May 2018 have shown us as a trustworthy and professional security company that can handle even the highest level of jobs. If you are holding an event, function or just need personal protection, contact Corporate Image Security Specialists today!